Sunday, June 21, 2009

quilt in a day ! Really

I'm using the QUILT IN A DAY ruler, It is petty fast but finish something in a Day I don't think so,...Not me at least.

It is petty fast since you get 4 Geese with only 4 squares of fabrics and 4 straight seams.

More later now back to the machine.

chasing away

Chasing away the blues with Pinks

I'd been doing some sewing mostly pink fabrics., I have to get all gear up for the new baby ( granddaughter)

Some how I must have the setting on the camera wrong, cause the colors came out awful sorry about that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new apron for Kamryn

My Grandson friend is the recipient of a new apron, it is reversible and was made just for her, she has a new baby sister, so in my immense wisdom lol,.... I think big sisters should have a nice apron with pockets and all to be able to be mama's big helper.


string scraps

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