Sunday, November 30, 2008

pillow case for

I made this for my daughter in law Danielle, I will be shipping it to New Jersey along with her Stockings and Wine glass cozies.

stocking stuffers

I made some cozies,to use as stocking stuffers, they are so easy to make.
On one side one could use as a coaster for a mug, and on the otter side a cozy for a wine glass on it stay with you anywhere.

pillow case party

Heartstrings joined in making pillow cases for Wounded Worriers, So I just had to joine in I made 3 pillow cases I will send them out on tuesday, monday is my long day at work.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wall hanging

Party till the cows come home!
That is what I named this small quilt 20"x23" I found the fabric for it on this shoe box full of "crumbs" and still have Lot's of it left over. Most of x-ms theme.

letters, that not for me!.

A while back I read
She does a great job with letters, numbers and the alphabet takes a whole other dimension on her Craft.
so while I aimlessly was going thru some of my crumb blocks I came across that by placing two of my triangle blocks it look like a "N" since I had Noah in mi heart I made his name, I show it to D H and he said now you have to make Danielle ( his wife ) and because the "crumbs" were in x-mas prints it lend to a Christmas something!!! .
I decide to make their names into x-ms stockings Noah is away serving in Iraq, Daniele is at home in New Jersey, I will mail them to her, with some treats included.

Letters, that NOT is for me! that was my first reaction to Tonya's blog, now Yes there is a possibility in the near future I could use some of my "scraps" to " write on fabric with out a pen/marker.

I checked on Tonya's blog twice while making Danielle's cause I found the lower case "e" to be a challenge. To me it was.

Fall quilt,

Feeling better already,Can't lift heavy things yet, here ts picture of the 9 patch in fall colors it was a Internet swap I did long ago it was call falling leaves, I wish I could remember how long ago that was, well it is done, I have not completed many of my UFO's on my list from last Jan. will I have time ever.
This quilt is 67x67 it was machine quilted by Judy in her long arm machine, I take her most of my quilts to do.

I wish I could get me one of them, If I could, were could I put it, the only place big enough, out-side of the garage is the living room, my DH might find it irritating while the tries to watch T.V. and I'm sewing away.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

set back

I was hospitalized since Friday night, I "scaped" on Monday now I'm supposed to take it easy on my right hand. Don't know how soon the swelling will go down,and I'll be good enough to quilt.
I finish ( last week, before my ordeal) an old UFO It had been machine quilted by "my" longarmer but the binding was slow coming, I will post pictures later. It is a beautiful FALL Colors 4 patch I we made while in a Internet swap.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Were have I been!

almost a month without a post, well if you see travels thru life
You will understand. I did made a Pillow case for my son who is in Iraq
( air force)
He just had a birthday on Tuesday, happy b-day son .


string scraps

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