Sunday, July 26, 2009

towel or quilt !

is is the new back

the new back different view

this is the front

this was the back of the towel before.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roman Stripe

Yes it came back, quilted by Joyce, it looks beautiful, can't wait till I get it finish, very summery and Hot colors, August will be a good month for it.

I was waiting until I get this quilt "bind it'" to share it.

Do you see marbles fabric on it, yes I lost them!!

Sea Currents

I'm going to try to follow the direction from the August issue of Quilter's World magazine, on page 91, Beach Buddy.

Do not cal the quilt police on me, this one will be really different , you will see .

I'm trying to make a quick quilt for Caiden,

I will call it Sea ( see ) Currents, or ? Ocean Rhapsody

Thursday, July 9, 2009

presents from the edge

My friend Joyce send me this beautiful hand quilted ( by her ) quilt, the Ohio star is one of my favorites, she tell me IT has a sister, she made one for her too, this present coming all the way from Maine, is so appreciated , thank you Joyce.


the question was, .... ??

The " crumbs" what can we do with the " crumbs"

How about :

A,...Sugar Plum Cottage ! in the woods!

It will make a nice 'Binky" what do you think!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

road to oklahoma

This is a pattern very similar the road to Oklahoma on http://
QUILTERS CACHE except ours was done on Flannel and we did not used the trapezoid technique instead we used squares and was a swap I did,... well long time ago I got ambitious and got quite big cause I use all the left overs and made more blocks. I gave that quilt to my D/H cause he is my star and his Family comes from Oklahoma.
My friend Joyce help me out, to figure the quilting on the border. I machine quilted it on my
"regular" machine, since it is flannel the quilting is not very noticeable that makes very forgiving when you are a novice.

My friend Amy asked about this quilt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shasing away the blues

And there,... there is the " crumbs", what can we do with the " crumbs"

Yes I'm still chasing away the blues with pink, I have so much to share and not much time, here are some pictures of what I'm working on.

we shall see what it becomes and who the recipient will be. More later.

happy 4th, really really happy

Wow, ! !

What a busy weekend, the San Diego Zoo inculded, movie ( public enemy) out all day Saturday and Sunday I almost wanted the weekend to end, so I could rest. the fire works were great.

Any way just wanted to say happy 4th and happy birthday to all of the July "kids"

Me included !!


string scraps

share your quilts

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