Monday, April 23, 2012

An old beauty, Ramona

Rescue Me !
This quilt was made entirely from fabric samples on Wallpaper Books, So it was rescue from the Garbage were this book was destined,  when  Discontinued.
I named  it Ramona in honor of my Aunt whom always recycled the scraps from Her Sister the Seamstress, ( my mom).
Is  hand and machine quilted, I made it  long ago Just wanted to brag about it, hope you like .
46 x 54
 closeup pictures later.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wild Goose ( duck ) done

Yes it is done, pictures to follow, I took me longer than planed, but then Easter came and I JUST  hat to do the Easter Table Runner too!!
Wild Duck is being in the making for over 10 Years can you believe it!! My UFO  bin is that deep.
I planned to finished it at about 60x60 but no!!!! is now 64 x 80 .
Now I have o figure out how to quilt it, I really wanted to try to do it on my domestic machine, usually I take my quilts to the local Longarmer, I really need to practice some more so in the Ditch or ??

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Basket, runner

From long ago,...
 3 lonely Orphan Blocks, left over from a prior proyect, This were the not so perfect ones,  did not wanted to discriminate,so I had to make do.
Long ago I participated in a block swapp, one ot this ones was imperfect the other 2 just letf over.
Now an Easter runner !

The blocks were left over from this one.


string scraps

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