Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy blocks, continue

Here is a picture of the fabric I bought while at Quilter's Choice, Donna bought about 10% more, she said she is doing a Mystery quilt.


Donna and I meet for lunch yesterday, I had so much fun, afterwards we went to, what else the quilt shop.We will do this again soon. anyone else in town this Jan.!

Still working on the HAPPY BLOCKS for Heartstrings.
here pictures of some.
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Acrobat Cat

is this not the cutest block!!!! ( one of the kind) I hope it makes a "kid" big or small as Happy as I am to had made it !

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year will be here soon

Time for goal setting, and or renew old ones. My goals for me and my quilting time are:
Finish 6 ufo's
Finish them by 080809
From August on work on projects that will be year end oriented, Christmas presents etc.
Sew at least 15 minutes a day and no More that 3 hours a day,at least 5 days of the week.
Sew over 3 hours a day on days we are having a retreat.
Do not commit to do over 4 retreats during the year.
Make at 6 projects for charity.
Buy less, make more.
Stay away from the 10000000's e-mails
Read all my e-mail, they are so informative.
Stay in touch with on line friends.
that is 11 total.
what are your goals!

on the subject of sewing for charity, on New Years the group HeartStrings will be getting together to make
"Happy Blocks" I'm getting a head start because I will be on a holiday part of that weekend.
Here you'll see some of prep-blocks and one completed, but untrimmed.

New toy

see what my nice carmelita got me for Christmas, I also got pins, and spools of great color treads from my Son and girlfriend in Mass.

I'm back

Yes, the holiday preparations keep me away from my computer.but not totally away from my sewing, I finished my Paper wrapping stars, I just had to do the binding, My Friend in Maine quilted for me earlier in the 2008, but I did not need it till Christmas, it is on my bed now. and it be till Jan 6 at least.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The U.S. POST OFFICE delivers, yes the mail is in and everyone I send parcels to have checked in and report the good news Mary said she got the tops I send ( 2) along with some of the fabric I had extra in the hope she can use for " back" or!

Alycia also reported receiving the "pillow cases"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

pillow case for

I made this for my daughter in law Danielle, I will be shipping it to New Jersey along with her Stockings and Wine glass cozies.

stocking stuffers

I made some cozies,to use as stocking stuffers, they are so easy to make.
On one side one could use as a coaster for a mug, and on the otter side a cozy for a wine glass on it stay with you anywhere.

pillow case party

Heartstrings joined in making pillow cases for Wounded Worriers, So I just had to joine in I made 3 pillow cases I will send them out on tuesday, monday is my long day at work.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wall hanging

Party till the cows come home!
That is what I named this small quilt 20"x23" I found the fabric for it on this shoe box full of "crumbs" and still have Lot's of it left over. Most of x-ms theme.

letters, that not for me!.

A while back I read
She does a great job with letters, numbers and the alphabet takes a whole other dimension on her Craft.
so while I aimlessly was going thru some of my crumb blocks I came across that by placing two of my triangle blocks it look like a "N" since I had Noah in mi heart I made his name, I show it to D H and he said now you have to make Danielle ( his wife ) and because the "crumbs" were in x-mas prints it lend to a Christmas something!!! .
I decide to make their names into x-ms stockings Noah is away serving in Iraq, Daniele is at home in New Jersey, I will mail them to her, with some treats included.

Letters, that NOT is for me! that was my first reaction to Tonya's blog, now Yes there is a possibility in the near future I could use some of my "scraps" to " write on fabric with out a pen/marker.

I checked on Tonya's blog twice while making Danielle's cause I found the lower case "e" to be a challenge. To me it was.

Fall quilt,

Feeling better already,Can't lift heavy things yet, here ts picture of the 9 patch in fall colors it was a Internet swap I did long ago it was call falling leaves, I wish I could remember how long ago that was, well it is done, I have not completed many of my UFO's on my list from last Jan. will I have time ever.
This quilt is 67x67 it was machine quilted by Judy in her long arm machine, I take her most of my quilts to do.

I wish I could get me one of them, If I could, were could I put it, the only place big enough, out-side of the garage is the living room, my DH might find it irritating while the tries to watch T.V. and I'm sewing away.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

set back

I was hospitalized since Friday night, I "scaped" on Monday now I'm supposed to take it easy on my right hand. Don't know how soon the swelling will go down,and I'll be good enough to quilt.
I finish ( last week, before my ordeal) an old UFO It had been machine quilted by "my" longarmer but the binding was slow coming, I will post pictures later. It is a beautiful FALL Colors 4 patch I we made while in a Internet swap.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Were have I been!

almost a month without a post, well if you see travels thru life
You will understand. I did made a Pillow case for my son who is in Iraq
( air force)
He just had a birthday on Tuesday, happy b-day son .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bed for shadow

I just made my dog a new bed, how do your like it . Yes no dog prints on her bed because my dog " shadow" thinks she is a person so she gets "people" prints

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I used some my scraps to make this apron, Darts and all, you like!!

gone crazy

I gone out my mind, went shopping for materials to make my dog a new bed and I went crazy yes I bought more FABRIC like I have that much time to quilt.

Crummy mood.

IT SEAMS I have been in a Crummy mood.
I had to get rid of lots of CRUMS so here you see some blocks made from them now I just got to figure hot to set them, before I FORGET THEM ..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well I managed to finish the top with the directions from Becky
sorry it took so long life really gets in the way of fun !!
as you can see I had to make my own coin strips too.
Mary can you quilt it and find it a "home"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

caiden's quilt is done!

Last Saturday I went to Judy's ( my longarmer ) to pick-up Caiden's quilt, I have being working on the binding on the evenings after work, whenever possible
I had a horrible work week.
The quilt is ready, one month after his birthday, I'm so late!!
Judy did a great job on the quilting .
The back of the quilt "NEMO" is the last one of this 3 pictures.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Ladies it is official, Yesterday I got in the mail my first CHRISTMAS CATALOG!! I better get going. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My nice Susanna's pillow case.
I hope she likes it!!!
If not I'm keeping it!! lol :)

brown, is a color too!

I got it!!... just cause it "reads" brown and I have no browns in my Collection!
Joanne in NZ left a comment and a question about this fabric, she used an anonymous format, so in case she comes back, here is the information, I got it at


string scraps

share your quilts

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