Saturday, April 26, 2008

my new toy,... does not work

I got my DVD PAJAMA QUILTER a while back, as you know life gets in the way of life, today a had a few hours to spare so I took it out and gues what it does not work, I send a e-mail to Dawn I hope I can exchange for a "good" one.

I finish the quilt for Noah and Danielle, pictures will be coming once the binding is ready, I took it to my LONGARM quilter and she had it ready in one Day!!

I'm glad Tax day is past us.

Just so you know, Dawn send out a new DVD and yes it works, have done very little practice just because I have beeing busy with wedding and weeding shower activities, soon I will post some of my "quilting" work progres.
P.S. Dawn also send out replacement rigth away! thank you Dawn.

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Mary said...

That's a bummer - I'm sure Dawn fixed it and sent you a working DVD.


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