Wednesday, March 25, 2009

and then she said

I gave this quilt to my friend in Colima her name Zaida, she wants a bigger one now!
When I'm on line I visit many intesting people, thougth I might never get to meet them in person, I can tell you, I relate a lot, I will be sharing some " snipes" from my e-travels from time to time.

Here is one:

felsmum@...> wrote:>> A few weeks ago I posted that I had finished a quilt for my mother's 80th birthday - she barely looked at it - told me she has enough quilts(?)and put it back in the calico bag I made for it and put in her spare bedroom :(I also had the same experience with my mother a few years ago. I spent a few months gathering photos to put in a photo memory quilt for her. My sisters raved over it. Right away it went to Mom's spare bedroom, not even the guest room.

Lynn in (Australia.)

Yes this happens often, yet we love to share our "craft"thought some people misspell it . lol

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